• Over the years, CIEP successfully organized and hosted various important delegations in the education field. Among the most notable include delegations from the Bureau of Education in NingXia, Xiamen and HungZhou, National Folk Academy, Ren Da Fu Zhong Orchestra Performance Program and ShangHai Science & Technology Museum.
  • CIEP has researched and visited various education programs from elementary school, junior high school, high school, professional academies, universities, and adult education. To truly understand the education system in the United States, CIEP has visited with the United States Department of Education. Between 2006 and 2007 alone, CIEP has visited over 60 prestigious boarding schools to study their academic programs, facilities and environment. In particular in October, 2007, CIEP was the only education representative from China to be invited by the Western Connecticut Boarding School Association for a thorough visit to twelve boarding schools in Connecticut, which served as a great resource for future collaboration.
  • To provide the US audience with a window to the Chinese culture, CIEP has hosted multiple cultural seminars with various experts and artists from China. Among the most notable include famous calligrapher, painter and writer Tian Xuzhong and Taoism expert Professor Lu Xichen, who gave a lecture on the Taoist wisdom of life and psychological health protection. Other seminars include topics of Tao Te Ching, Yi Ching, Anti-aging, Prevention of Cancer and Diseases. Lastly, CIEP has assisted famous Chinese pianist Chengzong Yin during his solo performances in Carnegie Hall, New York City, on multiple occasions.